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Monday Leg Day?

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Workouts
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Legs (3×10)

1. Smith Squat
Calf raises

2. Sled Machine
Leg Raises

3. BB Lunges
Wood chopper
Leg Curls

4. Bulgarian Squat (one-legged squat)
BW Lunges

I often get asked why I don’t work legs on Monday or Friday. That’s when most people work legs and if your into fitness I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “monday leg day.” Well, my answer is actually pretty simple, it’s because when I go into the gym on Mondays or Fridays almost everyone there is working legs so I can’t use the machines I need to have a successful leg workout. To avoid that frustration I simply train legs in the middle of the week on Wednesday when most people are working arms or chest. Hope that helps! Thanks for the support!