Amazing Transformation

Posted: June 23, 2013 in Abs, Motivation, Transformation
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“Here is my evolution I trained for almost 10 years. I started to workout at the age of 14 with body’s eight exercises, then went to a gym at 15yo. I did one and only bulk for 6 years, then I started to low my weight and getting shred until now. Today, I’m at 84kg and I try to maintain it and improve my quality. On the first pic I was 13yo, second I was 15yo, the third 20yo, and the last 23yo.”
The thing I love about fitness is that anyone can do it! You just have to have that drive and awesome dedication, this transformation CAN be you! You can spend hundreds of dollars on diet pills but there is no magic pill out there, the only proven way to get the body you once dreamt about is to put forth the work to achieve it! YOU CAN DO IT! Thanks for reading, stay strong and keep lifting.
This is not my personal transformation.


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